Entertainment Escrows

Hollywood Escrow provides customized escrow services for the entertainment industry. Due to the complex and sensitive nature of Entertainment Holding Escrows, each escrow agreement is custom tailored for the specific needs of our clients. The types of escrow services we offer are: music production escrows, movie production escrow holding agreements, licensing agreements, and many more. Hollywood Escrow never uses boilerplate form escrow agreements. Each contract given to us is carefully read and the Escrow Instructions are carefully written for each type of agreement.

In each of these escrows, the parties to the agreement are personally contacted by our legal department who carefully reviews each contract. Taking into consideration the needs of each client and the different circumstances of each project, a carefully crafted escrow agreement that includes all the key terms, including conditions to the release of funds, approval methods, deadlines, and other material provisions are discussed.  In many circumstances, this requires coordination with multiple attorneys, business managers, banks, financing companies, and project coordinators. The foreseeable set-backs to each escrow are carefully reviewed and a custom drafted Escrow Agreement, approved by all the parties, is then created.



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Signing Offices:  Hollywood Escrow signing offices provide you a venue to meet with a local representative who will assist you with support and expertise throughout the escrow process.

Mobile Notaries:  With a network of mobile notaries throughout California, Hollywood Escrow is able to facilitate the escrow process by traveling to a location that is most convenient for you. This allows you to complete the necessarily paperwork without having to travel to an actual office, while still receiving the quality service and attention we’ve provided to our clients throughout the years.

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