Definition of Closing Costs


Cost Charged By Description
Escrow Fee Escrow; to Buyer and Seller Covers liability assumed as well as standard processing costs
Demand Fee Escrow; to Seller / To Borrower Charge to request a statement & process involved in getting a payoff figure to escrow on the outstanding amount of the current loan. 1 demand fee per loan.
Process HOA does & transfer fee Escrow; Buyer and Seller Fee for processing required to assign membership for HOA & Copying all governing documents
Document Fee Escrow; To Buyer and Seller Covers the expense for drawing legal documents for official records.
Loan Tie in Fee Escrow; To Buyer Covers the cost of all processing required to meet new ender requirements
Messenger Fees Federal Express/ UPS Charge to deliver loan docs to the lender


Cost Charged By Description
Owners Title Policy Title Fee to issue a title policy. Calculated using the sales price. May be reduced if home was purchased or refi’d in the last 5 years. Insures that the title is free and clear at the time of purchase.
Buyers Title Policy Title Title policy issued to lender to cover the amount of the loan based on the loan amount.
Sub-Escrow Fee Title; split between buyer and seller Fee to administer the payoff of loans of property taxes of the seller & collection of funds from the new lender.
Document Transfer Tax Counter City Fee charged on all properties that transfer title – based on sales price – prices vary by county and city.
Federal Express Federal Express Charge to deliver payoffs to lender.
Title/Wire Fee Banking Institution Charge to wire funds to escrow, seller, lenders, etc.
Electronic Recording (shipping & handling) ORANGE COUNTY ONLY Charge to electronically record the documents.
Record Grant Deed County Charge to record the Grant Deed
Record Trust Deed County Charge to record the Trust Deeds.
Messenger Messenger Service Charge to Messenger documents during the course of escrow, Fee varies with distance.
Lenders Endorsement Most Standard Endorsements are not charged Varies by lender – charge for endorsements to the title policy above the normal coverage.



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